Filipino-Canadian Mental Health Association

Branding, packaging

Being the first of its kind in Canada, the Filipino-Canadian Mental Health Association came to be in order to bring awareness to the large Filipino-Canadian community within the Lower Mainland. The association provides services in Tagalog and other dialects as well as facilitate culturally-relevant programs and activities.

Bus shelter posters connected to the FCMHA will be seen throughout Metro Vancouver where there is a large Filipino-Canadian population. Balikbayan boxes are a staple of Filipino culture. Families send these large care packages to loved ones back home as a way to stay connected with them. the FCMHA will work in conjunction with the LBC, a well-known express company that ships these packages, to help bring awareness.

Community Booth
Full Poster
Poster in action
Balikbayan box, in the FCMHA brand
Typical Filipino family partaking in the balikbayan box prep