Branding, Packaging, UX/UI

The Autoscope app connects to your phone via bluetooth and helps users scan the onboard computer for systemic issues going on in your car. Once the OBD-II device is plugged in and the app is installed on a mechanic’s mobile device, their problem-solving diagnosis will be much easier.

Note: the physical product of the device for this project was based on the BlueDriver model.

Brand Research

Based on the bluetooth OB-DII devices such as the Veepeak and the CACAGOO, this OBD-II Bluetooth scan tool is the latest in automotive repair technology that “listens” to your vehicle’s issues and sends results directly to your mobile device.

Like many current companies in the auto industry, Autoscope's rebrand aims  to convey the sense of reliability, boldness, and performance while still becoming familiar to those who are used to the current product.
“Auto” is an adjective that relates to automobiles—cars, vans, trucks, trolleys, pintos, etc.
An otoscope is medical device which is used to look into the ears.